I started vaping back in 2011 on the old cig-a-likes and kept changing my mods as they improved. I tried a lot of juices that had a lot of hype from all over the world.

A year into vaping I started to craft my own juices due to my lack of satisfaction with most of the juices I tried (which in hindsight was probably more about the lack of oomph in the tanks and batteries at the time).
Back then as a beginner I was using suggested recipes from the net and as time went on my knowledge of what mixes well and ratio's got to the point that I was no longer interested in other people's recipes, I wanted my own unique flavours. You do get a good sense of accomplishment when you create a good tasting juice that is your own recipe.

I hope you enjoy my flavours.

If you have any queries or suggestion, including a flavour you would like to see, feel free to email me at gary@hutchys.com
Hutchy's is a registered business in Australia. ABN: 87 637 531 317




About Hutchy's

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